Shaping the Future of Plant-Based Packaging.

Goodbye oil-based packaging! Fruitful biodegradable solutions are 100% plastic free, offering consumers a home compostable option while ensuring food safety and freshness. Our clean packaging is made from fruit waste, so you can feel good about your choices and their impact.

Better for Consumers, Better for the Planet

Our mission is to provide plant-based, clean packaging solutions that honor our earth by ensuring the least amount of impact possible, both in their production and disposal. We focus on sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions that are renewable and circular. In fact, because our solutions are home compostable they're able to go back into the soil which grows the fruit they're made from.

Environmentally - Driven Solutions

Our packaging solutions are renewable, circular and completely break down--returning back to the earth, no matter the method of disposal. 

Plant-Powered Packaging

Our solutions are made from fruit! Yep, it's that simple. They're non-toxic, biodegradable and all natural. No plastic, no wood pulp, just fruit.

Next Generation Technologies

We recognize consumable goods are here to stay. That's why we set out to solve their waste impact. Our guilt-free packaging just. makes. sense. 

Our Story

Our story started in the fruit bowl of New Zealand – Hawkes Bay. We set out to find a more planet-friendly alternative for plastic. It first took shape in the form of a company called Bayuble focusing on fruit labels. We’ve now evolved into Fruitful Packaging and offer a plant-based, oil free plastic film.

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